Friday, December 26, 2008

2009: Choosing Life

Terri Camp is daring us. She’s daring us to choose our life in 2009. She wants us to find three words that will shape how we live our life in the coming year.
Here are my three.
Me I’m going to live for me. I’m going to not place my needs on the back burner. This is going to be hard. Don’t call me a martyr. I’m not. I focus on J.O.Y. and don’t value my needs as much as I should. In my mind, if my desires are pushed to the side for the bettermint of the people around me yet my basic needs (food, warmth & shelter) are met, I usually forgo it. Problem is you have to be willing to do it and not expect it of others. You have to be aware that you make the choice and can't fault others for not feeling the same. This is a difficult task. I don't want to stop J.O.Y but for the bettermint of J and O, I need some Y.
Presumptions It makes me think of how Jesus didn’t have any expectations except rejection and persecution. He knew this from the very beginning yet he continued for 30+ years. Sure, he wanted to cocoon himself from it. Remember the garden? He didn't hide though because he loved us. I need to take care of myself and my needs within reason and stop my expectations. Expectations can lead to disappointment or occasional pleasant surprises. I just don’t want to make presumptions in 2009. Anything is possible. It has to be.
Dare I dare myself to be better than I am. I dare myself to be stronger. I dare myself to be a rock. I dare myself to be more silent. I dare myself to continue my love dare. I dare myself to think of myself before others, once in a while. I dare myself to stop presuming and start believing. I dare myself to sit still and still move.
So now it’s your turn. As the year closes, sit and reflect and choose your life in 2009. Make it personal. If you are like most I know, don’t be the mom or a wife for this dare. Be the individual you are and choose your life in 2009.