Friday, December 12, 2008

Keep feeling fascination. Passion Burning, Love so Strong

BG is 5 months and 5 days old.
I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationship with my husband lately. I remember the love letters he’d send me. I remember the stolen kisses, the occasional hugs or squeezes and the just because ‘I Love Yous’. We’re both older, more tired, more harried but every day we still say I love you to each other just because. We still hug and squeeze each other. We still kiss.
Once, I asked myself if I’m saying I love you too much. Was I throwing it out there willy nilly? Was it losing its meaning? Then I realized, you can never say you love a person too much. Heck, when I say it, I mean it. Whether I say it occasionally or daily, it still means so much to me that I can turn to my husband and say, “I Love You.”
I wondered if he felt that we say it too much too but I guess not. He texts me, calls me and just tells me daily as well and we both say it to our daughter every day.
Every night after prayers, I remind my daughter how much we love her and every time, just like when I say it to my husband, it means the same maybe even more.
It’s true what they say. Your children in your eyes are love personified. I can’t but smile and my heart grows that much bigger every time I see my child. Every morning, she greats me with a huge toothless grin and my heart grows. Every day when she looks at me with curiosity and excitement/anticipation/confusion/fussiness/hunger, my heart glows.
This kid has me wrapped around her finger and she doesn’t know it. Ok, maybe she does know it.
She is now 5 months old and I am so blessed.
She still doesn’t roll over but she sits a little bit stronger every day.
She drools like a basset hound but her sweet milk breath makes it endearing.
She is becoming more and more vocal every day and can probably hit high octave ranges.
She has graduated to her big girl bath tub, big girl stroller and big girl car seat.
She can even sit in her car seat for long periods of time and not cry.
She has fallen asleep by herself several times. Ok, she has her seahorse and giraffe-ee but everyone needs an entourage.
She grabs her toes and holds onto them like a true yogi.
She can pull down her hanging toys from her activity mat and swing with the strength of Bam Bam Rubble.
She laughs and giggles when we dance.
She loves to swing like a pendulum in my arms.
She watches my mouth in fascination when I sing to her.
She stares at herself in the mirror for minutes and holds expression contests with herself.
Who needs HBO when I have my baby to entertain me.