Tuesday, December 30, 2008

1st Christmas Out of the Womb

After all the Christmas crazies, I have a new after Christmas crazy, photos and videos. It was BG’s first Christmas outside the womb and mom couldn’t be happier. I’m still trying to capture videos and photos and will post some as soon as I can. So needless to say, photos will be added to this post sometime soon.
Some old traditions and some new traditions were had.
Instead of Christmas mass, we went to Christmas Eve mass this year. DH and I each read which added to the family togetherness of the season for me and I hope the parishioners. BG was dressed in a red corduroy-like dress with embroidered dogs on the bottom hem. I decided against stockings and dressed her in a white footsie instead. She looked adorable.
As with every year, Christmas Eve was spent with DH’s family. After mass, we loaded the car up and drove up to DH’s cousin’s home. This year, instead of presents for everyone, there was a gingerbread house contest. We didn’t participate but DH, BG and I were judges. 1st place went to SpongeBob SquareHouse. We couldn’t help but choose this as a certain cute and adorable cousin sat patiently awaiting the results.
The drive to and fro was quite scary for me as the fog was dense and the country roads dark but DH’s driving skills assured us we’d get to our destinations safely. Thankfully, we changed BG into her Christmas pjs ‘Mommy’s Little Joy’ at DH’s cousin’s. The weather was milk enough to only wrap BG in her knit cape my mom made for her. And I thought we’d have no use for a cape for a baby. One quick release of a button and BG was ready for the crib.
Christmas morning came and Santa’s elf snuck out to help arrange the presents around the tree and stocking in bed. Santa’s elf was quite tired the night before and didn’t get a chance to help Santa in the wee hours of the night.
I heated the oven for the chocolate croissants and made hot chocolate for DH and myself. DH got a special ‘Irish’ Hot Chocolate. That’s when I saw my present and boy was it an awesome present. On the dining room table was a mug filled with juice. Apparently, Santa must have heard from DH that I love a glass of juice in the morning. The mug had a photo of myself and BG on it with the words #1 Mom printed on it. I love this mug. I can’t tell you how much I love it. I hugged the mug. Yes, I did.
Ok, B.C. (before child), I used to think those mugs that say, #1 Mom or Dad mugs as a bit hokey. Now, I freakin’ love this cup. If I could, I’d carry the cup with me wherever I go. More about the cup in a bit.
BG woke up and decided today she’d start what I believe is my second Christmas gift. She started the morning randomly speaking ‘da da da da da da’ and blowing raspberries. Parents can understand this when I say, I swear she’s talking to me. I know she isn’t saying ‘da da’ as in ‘daddy’ but she is definitely trying to tell us something.
Obviously since I’m still sort of at a loss to what she’s trying to convey my typical response has been, “Really? Tell me more.” Which elicits a smile and another stream of raspberries, ‘ba ba’ and ‘da da’s. I say ‘really’ so much now, that I’m afraid she’s going to say that before ‘hi’, ‘daddy’, ‘mommy’ or ‘poop’.
After some freshening up of all family members, we began our new tradition of Christmas Day together as a family. With hot chocolate (w/milk, shaved chocolate, nutmeg and vanilla thank you very much), warm chocolate croissants, new pjs for everyone (yes, even DH got into it), camera and video camera, we all settled together under the tree to enjoy Christmas together.
BG is pretty young and probably oblivious to what was going on but her mom had a great time filming the festivities while her dad opened her presents from Santa and Grandma S.
Afterwards, we took photos by the tree. Like a complete dork, I put on the Yule log on TV to make the picture complete. Our first Christmas together is not commemorated in a photo of all of us in our pjs by the tree and a tv with a Yule log crackling, BG is on DH’s shoulder with her Santa hat on, I’m to her right with my Santa hat and oversized pjs helps with breastfeeding and DH to her left.
BG took a nap while I made a quick lunch and started the turkey. I prepped most everything on Christmas Eve morning so all that needed to be done was to actually cook and set the table.
Christmas night my family came over and we celebrated with a simple Christmas feast. Text messages from across the US came flooding in and we gathered together to take a photo to send to our CA family.
My mom was very happy although tired. I noticed that she was a bit weak as well and didn’t lift our daughter. I kept an eye out and hoped she would finally get that surgery for her back. I pray she gets it before Chinese New Year. Mom took a nap while DH cracked open his Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle. My brother, the coolest brother in the world, got us the Wii Fit. I’d been wanting this since I was post partum but didn’t want to spend the money on myself on such a frivolous gift. DH, the man who lives at the gym, couldn’t wait to try it out. Mom finally woke up in time to see the hula hooping and jogging games.
Finally on the day after Christmas, DH and BG went to visit his half-sister. I stayed home to get some much needed rest.
All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas. The best part and present for me was being able to spend it together and to start our own traditions. Happiness is definitely hot chocolate, hugs and holidays.