Monday, December 08, 2008

Holy Batcave, Mothra is hibernating.

I'm about to say something that is going to throw most off guard.
I'm not looking forward to Christmas dinner.
I know! Usually, I'm planning the feast before Thanksgiving.
This year, I didn't host Thanksgiving. I sort of missed it but was also sort of relieved.
You'd think I'd pull out the stoppers for Christmas night dinner then. Nope. 1) With BG's bed routine starting around 6:30-7, our nights are shot. This year, Christmas dinner will begin at 4pm. 2) With BG's gear in our apartment, I've moved the dining room table to the kitchen annex which means it's pressed against a wall. Therefore, dinner will be buffet style in our living room. 3) I'm being very miserly. The economy is bad. I'm not making a big feast. I'm still hemming and hawwing about it. Do I make a roast? Too expensive? A turkey, maybe a ham? I will make potatoes of some sort, green beans and another side but that's about it.
For my New Year's brunch, I'm thinking simple too. Maybe banana pancakes, chorizo potatoes and honeyed fruit with yogurt.
Listen, the whole Christmas/New Years meal deal is only reminding me of how behind I am in Christmas to dos. I'm dreading cookies this year and will go with the old standby, Dark Chocolate Chip Cherry Cookies. The tree is still not up although I did opt for a fake tree this year as a new baby and pine needles didn't seem like a smart new parent move. I'm overspending for my baby this year, I know it and in a really bad move, I can't figure out what to tell my DH he could get me from TG. We are not going to exchange gifts this year but thought if we really wanted to we can get something from our daughter to each other. Of course it has to be within $25 otherwise the not exchanging gifts to save money would be moot. Oh and I'm not sending out homemade paper Christmas cards this year. I'm making a scrapbook card and sending it out via email to save me time and be a bit more green. I feel super guilty about the fake tree.
Eh. I don't want to be a Scrooge but I'm not feeling very Christmassy yet. I know it will pass but usually by this time, I'm at least in Christmas Mothra gear.