Wednesday, September 23, 2009

She walks around with my DSW card. Should I be worried?

TG is now walking on her own. She's toddling around the apartment at incredible speeds. Her new found freedom also means that we're putting shoes on her more often.
We tried Pedipeds for awhile but she didn't seem to like them and didn't seem to walk as well in them. She would walk like a dog with snowshoes on, get frustrated and take them off.
Since DH and I have wide feet and since foot issues run in the family, I'm not joking with shoes. After lengthy research and unscientific polls around the neighborhood, I decided to try Preschoolians. My daughter loves these shoes. She actually tries to put them on her feet to let me know she wants to go outdoors.
They are pricey though. Preschoolians come with this see through panel so you can see if your child's foot is growing out of the shoe. So the other night, I noticed her big toe and second toe had reached the near tip of the shoe and decided we should look to get the next size up. Preschoolians come with a measuring device that is akin to the old fashioned shoe sizer you see at your neighborhood mom and pop shoe store.
As I was perusing the sneakers, DH and I find she walks better in sneaks, DH comes over and starts reviewing the shoes. We pick the pair we like, a nice cute old school purple shoe, and I proceed to purchase it.
DH: Holy cow! Is that the price? That's like $10 less than the cost of my sneakers. PG: They are built well, are machine washable and she actually walks well in these shoes.
DH: True. At least they'll last awhile.
PG: Ugh, actually they say toddlers grow out of shoes every 3-4 months.
DH: What? Are you kidding me? That's a girl thing right? That's how the shoe fetish starts.
PG: Sorry to burst your bubble but your running sneakers have a 3-4 month shelf life too.