Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, DH!

DH turned the big 40 yesterday.

Normally, I'd go all out and do something ridiculous.

This year, with a toddler in tow, we dialed down the festivities.

He got a great heart rate monitor which he and TG love. I'm glad it's being put to good use too.

He also received a beautiful gift from TG from Patriarts. TG got him a beautiful rendition of one of his personal protectors, St. Genesius.

It's a Catholic thing.

He had a hard day too and I felt awful as everything was out of my control.

Not only did the sound on his laptop die, his phone died as well. We spent several hours on his birthday at Apple getting tech support. By the way, I know it's not the employees but a corporate policy but Apple makes it gosh darn hard for you to fulfill their warranty policy. I mean, I'm sure that a simply fingerprint on the darn machine voids the warranty.

Long story short, by 3am the following day, a total of 5 hours with tech support, he got a replacement phone. His laptop is still in the shop but at least he has a phone.

He tried really hard not to displace his displeasure and all I could do was feel for him.

He did say when he got home at 3:30am that he loved his dinner (he chose: baked chicken and mushy peas) and dessert (a healthy grilled dark chocolate sandwich with toasted almonds). Most importantly he said that TG's gift helped him through the day.