Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I don't know how my husband does it.

He sleeps through TG's crying or fussiness. Thankfully, TG doesn't cry too much but when she occasionally does cry, it is awful. I'll explain.
A few weeks ago, TG was having an unusually fitful night. We suspect it was a dash of her being overtired (she only naps 45-60 minutes w/DH) and a pinch of teething. When she has a fitful night, she does two things: 1. clutches her lovely with a grip you would not expect a 1 yr old to have and 2. nightfeeds or sleeps with body parts touching me.
Of course, during the night, I have to make pitstops to the loo. In this particular case, I had been holding it in for probably over an hour because everytime I moved away from her, she'd wake up and whine.
Nature called however and I couldn't hold it anymore. I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom hoping I could go and come back before it became a deafening siren. Not to make you laugh or be too descriptive but as you hold it in, you collect more in your tank so relieving yourself does not take what you would deem a normal time frame. As I'm in the bathroom, all I could hear was, "Maaaammmaa! Maaaammma! Maaaaaaaaammmuuuuummmma!"
I thought to myself, maybe just maybe DH can change her diaper and that should calm her down just long enough for me to return.
"Maaaaammmmuuuuummmmmaaa!" Clink Clink The sound of the rattle in her lovely "Maaaaaammuuuummmma!" Clink Clink.
I finish up and wash my hands and rush back to the bedroom to find the following: TG is off the bed crawling in the dark with her lovely clutched in one hand trying to make her way to the bedroom door, the dog, trying to avoid the crawling ball of noise heading towards her and DH asleep completely oblivious to the chaos happening less than 3 feet away.
I pick up TG and her face is a glossy mess of tears and boogies. I wipe her face and change her diaper and settle her back into sleep. For the rest of the night, TG has not only her foot on me but her arm clutching me and nurses until the wee morning.