Friday, September 11, 2009

She's walking!

Two days ago, it started. TG has been cruising for some time now. We originally predicted she'd be walking by the beginning of September. We were off by a few weeks.
Two days ago, she started off walking down our hallway without the aid of her wheely bug, shopping cart or wall. The usual sound of shuffling hands and knees is now replaced with the sound of two bare feet.
Now, she's walking from the kitchen to the bathroom. Sure, she falls once or twice during her route but she makes with a big grin on her face. She's proud of her own accomplishment and that's better than a mother's or a father's pride.
Today she spent some time walking in the lobby hallway with G, a neighbor. Watching the two toddlers toddling warms the heart on this cold, rainy, dreary day. They are still too young to really interact with each other but when one found a 'special' spot (stairs, steps, mirrors, outlets), the other followed their lead.
I look at photos my husband sends to me while I'm away and my little baby looks more and more like a person. I can't believe this little 20+ lb kid came out of me. I made this person. Not too shabby. Too bad I can't add that onto my CV.
I learned a few things this week:
1. Toddlers walk like Muppets or Muppets walk like toddlers.
Honest to God, I'm waiting for TG to start doing the pigeon.

2. I never knew why strange toys or gadgets would be lined up for sale in supermarket aisles. Now, as a mom to a toddler, I understand why small jars of playdoh or squishy balls are placed there. You need something to distract hands from knocking cans of peas of the shelf. Pretty sneaky, supermarkets!
3. I have yet to trim my daughter's nails while she is awake and I'm not ashamed to say I will gladly continue to trim her nails while she sleeps up until she's old enough to trim her own nails. An image of me sneaking into her college dorm to trip her nails appeared and gosh darnit, I am not ashamed.