Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's almost Halloween already?

I'm usually better than this.
By now, I should know what I'd like TG to be for Halloween. She's too young to tell me herself so I get these early years as liberty to dress her up as I please.
Unfortunately, between my husband and myself, our standards are ridiculous.
First, I'd love to be the mom that makes costumes but time does not permit this. Maybe when she's older.
So I'm open to store bought costumes but I refuse to pay full price for an outfit that will be worn for 3-4 hours tops.
So our neighborhood has a great parenting board where every year around this time, parents swap or sell their costumes at super affordable prices.
Unfortunately, if you aren't Quick Draw McGraw, you'll have a hard time snatching one of these up. A fellow mom offered to sell us a super adorable outfit but DH was disgusted by it. Why?
Not because it was dirty or what not but because of what it represented:

My husband has some painful childhood memory of moths that has caused him to have the hatred of a thousand suns towards anything that resembles a moth or butterfly.
Now yes, a dragonfly is not a moth or butterfly but it's got a chunky body and chunky wings.
I suppose I have nothing to say as I was totally freaked out by a lady bug on my toe when I was 4.

So I guess it begins, our neuroses will transfer over to our child in some way. Our child will probably never be a butterfly or a ladybug. She'll never go to a butterfly exhibit at the museum or the zoo.
DH's luck, she'll grow very fond of them and he'll have to face his fear.