Thursday, September 24, 2009

Anticipating Leaving

With the new found independence of walking solo, TG is now more aware of my departures and isn't very fond of them.
She doesn't throw a tantrum but she does get super clingy in the morning, especially if she notices I begin my getting ready to go out routine.
I'm slowly becoming an expert in walking with a toddler under my feet, clinging to my legs.
My last refuge, the bathroom, has now become a center of conflict for our daughter. She runs away from the toilet if you flush it. The noise frightens her. DH thinks this is great since we don't have to worry about her playing with the toilet or toilet paper. I'm concerned with how this is going to translate for potty training but in the immediate future, I'm more concerned at the dilemma that TG faces when I'm in there.
You can see the psychological dilemma she faces clear as day. She wants to be with me yet I'm on the toilet, the loud noisy scary doodad in the otherwise fun room.
A few days ago this played out in a scene found in any parenting sitcom, if they allowed toilet humor, literally.
I was in the loo, doing my business. TG toddles over, pushes the door open and looks at me with longing. She walks into the bathroom but stops short of the toilet. She stands there and you can see the cogs turn. Do I go to Mom or stay here safely within distance of the toilet?
Finally her desire to be with me usurps her fear and she toddles to me. As she reaches me, her fear takes over again and she proceeds to try to climb into my safe arms.
Here I was trying to push her down and she's developed the strength of a 7 year old pushing me back.
Since then, she's developed a coping mechanism. Whenever I'm in the bathroom, she'll open the door but stay at the edge of the bathtub. She'll leave the room and come back to 'check' on me but has decided to stay away from the toilet for awhile.
I guess my only refuge now is literally my pantry.