Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Name Game


Yes, we're still calling her Bean. I'm guessing we're so used to it, we may wind up keeping the nickname for a while. We're going through the name books which is just as difficult as researching baby gear. Actually, it’s more fun creating or selecting names we’re pretty certain will not be on our top ten list.

Ok, it's not that difficult, but still this poor kid is relying on us to name her a decent sounding name. Thank goodness hubby and I are not like those celebrities that thinks PopTart and Cinammon are appropriate names. I think Apple is a cute nickname but unless she's a model or working in entertainment (not the adult kind thank you), these names are not going to evoke professionalism later on in her career.

Then you've got that, I know a person named, "blah blah". Let's not name her that issue. I know that sounds horrible but it's true, in our lifetimes, we've met people we weren't too keen on that have made lasting impressions on particular names. Because of such, you lean away from those names. When it's one person, it's not so bad. When it's two people with a lifetime of acquaintances, it gets crazy.

The one thing I’m thankful for is that I’m not the type of person that would get all emotional or nuts about crossing off the names of hubby’s ex-girlfriends. One person I know made it a point to ‘x’ out those names immediately. Personally, that opens a can of worms. Seriously, I really do not want to hear the laundry list of girlfriends my husband had prior to meeting with me. Likewise, I’m sure he wouldn’t want to hear my list either. Besides, with my pregnancy brain, I can’t even remember the names of people I deal with every day let alone my boyfriend’s name during my Junior year in college.

My friends have a differing opinion about selecting a name. Some say to pick a bunch of names and wait until the baby comes to see if she looks like a "Betty Lou" or a "Damaris" or a "Hillary". Others say once a name clicks, it sticks naturally.

I’m of the later position but we haven’t made the decision if the name is set in stone let alone whether or not we should share it.