Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bean is a...



It's a baby girl! Finally, I can say she/her instead of it! I can finally say, Baby Bean, "I have a daughter!"

The long story goes like this........

Every visit, we just kept asking the doc to tell us if you were healthy and not your sex but by January, we were both tired of calling you 'it'. To family and friends, you were and still are 'Bean' but you can't explain that to an acquaintance.

Anywho, we decided to find out because it was getting to be a pain saying 'he/she" or 'him/her" but the day of our visit you were not having any of it. You kept your legs crossed like Great Grandma P used to sit. At one point you stuck the bottom of your foot up so that's all we saw. (Gosh, baby toes are so cute. Feet are cute until they hit the floor.)

Your dad left so disheartened. He was like a kid who was told Christmas was moved back.

The next day, I was at work and your dad called me and begged me to ask someone I know to scan you for sex. He said he kept getting signs from the world that you were particular sex but he wouldn't say what.

I received the scan and when we got home we opened the envelope and he opened a word document he wrote last night. Both said, 'girl'! He then proceeded to tell me about how he saw a man with a girl riding a Vespa and he thought of himself riding his motorcycle with you. Then he said the kicker was he was replaying the video of the ultrasound scan and he kept hearing 'musak' in the background.

He listened carefully and he heard, "Girl I love you...There’s no one above you..." It was a Lionel Richie cheesy ballad and he knew then that it was a girl because "it's the kind of song you sing to a little girl."

Of course, my pregnancy hormones had me crying during his explanation. It's so cute yet if I told people, they probably would smile at me with that, 'I can't believe she thinks this is interesting and not cheesy' smile.

Still the doc said he was only 80% sure and we didn't want to tell your grandparents and then find out later we were wrong so we decided to wait until the anatomy scan. We had the level II scan and a 3D scan performed Friday and sure enough we saw your girl parts!

On Monday, I went to Po Po's house and gave her the scans and she went into full knitting mode again. She had your dad pick out a quilt pattern a while back, one for boy, one for girl. She said she wouldn't start on it until she knew the sex. Now she's busy knitting teddy bears for the quilt! Dad picked out a cute Teddy Bear with balloons pattern for you.

I mailed Ma Ma her scans and she should be getting them along with a letter from you tomorrow.I'll upload the images here soon.

So now I can share with the world you are a girl, my baby girl, Bean. It's kind of weird being able to share that with everyone. I mean, it's not a secret and we don't plan to keep it as one. We're too excited and happy to keep it inside but it feels weird. Saying, "I'm pregnant" is different than saying, "I"m a mom." or "I have a daughter." Does that make sense? It's that much more real.

Maybe you'll find out what I mean one day, little Bean.

For now, keep on growing and I promise I'll pick up more bananas on the way home tonight.