Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Speak into the belly button

I’ve started reading to the bean. Whenever I can, I read a short story to the Bean. I’m not reading anything special. I’ll grab a fable or story I recall from my childhood and read it. I do voices too. I know that sounds odd. I feel odd doing it but it’s also fun.

I haven’t done it in front of hubby because I think he’ll probably laugh at me but I think he’s curious.

He occasionally puts his head near Bean and speaks to him/her. It’s usually to tell him/her some fact about his/her quirky parent. He believes it’s not what we say but the act of talking to him/her that matters.

That maybe so but I try to read a story nonetheless. He/She may not understand the story but the inflection and changes in voice should stimulate him/her.

When I don’t have time to read, I sing a little ditty. This isn’t as easy as you think it would be. My mind usually goes blank for a song. I ‘Life is just a bowl of cherries’ popped into my head so I sang that to Bean. He/She seemed to enjoy it as there was much movement. Most of the time however, I just sing a silly make believe song to him/her. The other day it was ‘I wipe the dog’s booties to keep them clean’. I know, I should be a children’s song writer.

Sometimes I’ll just explain who everyone is that I’m speaking to. Usually that’s the dogs by default. I’ll be surprised if this kid’s first words aren’t dog poop, booty, P-man or Z-girl.

I know this sounds peculiar but I find that I lift my shirt up to speak to the Bean. I know I really don’t need to but there is something about seeing my round flesh and rubbing my belly button area that seems right. I guess I’m visualizing he/she is on the other side listening.

I also noticed that if I don’t talk to him/her around 6:30, there is more movement. It’s sort of like an alarm clock to tell me I’ve forgotten to speak to him/her. Is it too early for a baby to develop a circadian rhythm?