Friday, February 29, 2008

No crib, No stroller but you've got clothes.


Look Baby Bean, these are your first gifts from outside of the family. I’m guessing I need to prepare for a big closet and dresser drawer for you.

I met with my friend who gave me a ton of advice, both professional and personal. She has a 6 month old who is cute as a button. He had the cutest overalls on. Apparently, I interrupted his sleep schedule and as a stranger to the house he fought his sleep to be apart of the new goings on.

My friend was great. She told me how mother instincts will kick in and you’ll learn to read their responses and needs. She plopped him in the swing and said that in a few minutes he is going to let out a whopper, turn red and then settle down and fall asleep.

Like clockwork, he let out a loud scream, looked at us and then slowly closed his eyes and tilted his head to the side. In less than 5 minutes he was sleeping and we were able to converse about mommyhood.

The biggest question I had for her was how hard was it for her to learn not to jump at the slightest sound from her son. She told me the turning point is when you realize as the mom you know what he/she needs. If she needs sleep, you know she needs to sleep so as long as the cry isn’t a food cry, diaper cry or other cry, you know that given some time she will settle down and get to bed.

I guess I learn these things like most moms, through experience.

Your mom is new at this, kid. Be a little patient with me. I’ll try to be patient with you too. We’re both new to this so at least we won’t be alone.