Friday, February 08, 2008

Baby, you can drive my car


Started playing music for the Bean.

Monday was Sting/Police
Thursday was Beatles (Drive my Car was particularly entertaining.)
Today is Classical. We started with Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique, one of dad’s favorites.

I try to spend only 20-30 minutes playing music for him/her. I don’t need to over stimulate the kid.

I laughed at the women who put speakers near their belly but I find myself doing this naturally now. I guess I’m laughing at myself now.

I’m getting rounder and rounder and I’ve passed the “I’m fat” stage.

In fact, now that I’m in the heart of my second trimester I can say assuredly that I truly love being pregnant. Sure there are pains and aches and discomforts but it’s the most amazing thing in the world. I have a human being growing inside of me. I don’t think I could trade that feeling in. I’m really blessed to feel and experience this. “Wait until your 7th month and get back to me.” says hubby.

On Tuesday I got really sad that I’m nearly there. It also is impacted by the fact that I’m pretty certain now when it’s Bean moving and when it’s gas.

This whole experience has been incredible. Yes, sure the ligament pains aren’t fun and the occasional lightheadedness is getting more frequent but my body has changed from working to keeping me running to a vehicle to nurture and grow another being who is a part of me and my hubby.

Ooh, Beethoven Symphony 9 elicits a few moves.

Baby Bean, I know you can’t give me requests but the dj is trying her best to expose you to all types of music. We’ve done Jazz Vocals, Oldies Pop and New Wave Pop from your parent’s time. We’re moving towards classical now and I’ve gotten a request from your Uncle to expose you to some P’Funk. I’ll try to keep them coming and in short increments of 30 minutes or less so you can rest.

Tap if you particularly like a song and I’ll add it to your iPod playlist I’m compiling for your nursery.