Monday, February 04, 2008

Mother's Day will now have a different meaning.

Last week, hubby told a neighbor we were expecting. It wasn’t out of the ordinary. It was the usual affair but what threw me off was how he said it. “PG is going to be a mommy.” I smiled politely and went back into the apartment. That’s when it sort of hit me like a Nerf Football, I’m going to be a mother. Someone in a short while will turn to me and call me ‘mom’.

Panic isn’t what struck me. It was more emotional elation. I never thought I’d be that happy. Someone in this world will turn to me and there will be this innate bond (I hope) and he/she will recognize me as their mother.

I will give myself to him/her. I will do what it takes. I will probably worry my butt off and think I’m too overbearing, not overbearing enough, too stern, not stern enough and everything else I can conjure in my overactive imagination.