Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gas, Strollers and Cribs


Not to be disgusting but I’ve got an incredible case of gas today. To make matters worse, my office has been Penn Station all day.

Everytime I think I can relieve myself, someone walks in and starts a very lengthy conversation with me.

I’m not complaining. I do like conversation. It makes the day go by quicker but not when I’ve got a backlog of gas that needs to make it’s way out.
Yesterday was picture day for Bean. Like a groundhog I finally took a look at my shadow against the wall as hubby took the belly photo. I can’t recognize my own shadow. I nearly scared myself! Does that mean something in an old wives tale?
I’ve hit the stage where I’m at awe but in wonderment about the possibility of my belly getting bigger.

Today is Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day, Bean. I bought a card for you to give to dad. It’s really sappy and not like me. I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person but when I saw it I got weepy. Heck, I got weepy reading Jenny McCarthy’s Baby Laughs. Go figure. Hormones will do that to a person.

I made Valentine’s Day cookies for some of the office co-workers. Tonight, I plan to make more to bring to the doctor’s office for your Big Picture Day.

Tomorrow is your Level II scan. That’s when the doc checks out your major organs and spine to make sure everything is ok. I hope you’re photogenic this time. Last time when dad wanted to find out if you were a boy or a girl, you weren’t in the mood.
I hope to get a nice picture or two to send to your grandparents. I think it’s time for another update.

Oh , I also went to Barnes and Nobles and perused the children’s book section. Your mom spent many weekends at the library and bookstores with your Grandpa and Great Grandpa. I wonder if you’ll be a reader like I was.

I bought some books I thought you’d might like. I also bought a book for dad to start reading to you. I know you probably have no clue what the stories are about but they appealed to me so I figure they may have a shot of appealing to you.
Dad and I finally stepped into a baby store last Saturday. That was an adventure. We learned two things.

1. Baby stores do not lay out their items in a pregnant woman friendly way. There were about 7 pregnant ladies trying to fiddle with the strollers. Did you know there are at least 4 different types of strollers out there?

Anyway, 2, your dad has really good taste. I mean really good, rich taste. Out of all the cribs, he picks the Richie Rich crib for you. He’s going to research more he says but he likes that the company uses real wood, it’s all wood and it can convert to a big girl/boy bed.

Dad also thinks you need a Cadillac size playpen. I tried to explain giant playpens aren’t made anymore but he’s adamant you have a big one because he plans to have a lot of play visits for you.

This weekend, we plan to go to a big brand baby store. We still haven’t registered but we’re slowly getting there.

Stuff that soothes so far:

Stuff that causes mommy to get tummy cramps and a headache:
Beethoven’s Violin Concerto