Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Telepathy would be a cool super power.

I’m going to break from my family and work adventures and talk about the two shows I’ve tried to be faithful and watch every week, ‘Heroes’ & ‘Doctor Who’. Yes, I’m trying to keep up with the entire season. Ok, I watched Meerkat Manor too but that’s over now.

I so dislike the politician Petrelli. He’s got this face you want to smack with a ten pound sack of rocks. It makes me want to give the actor an award because I hate him that much.

Hiro is still my favorite although his sidekick Ando is left in limbo as he tries to do something with all that sci-fi knowledge he collected through his youth.

The interactions between, Peter and Claire and Hiro and Charlie are great but I still don’t understand how saving the cheerleader saved the world.

I’m liking Peter more and more. Without hesitating he went to Texas knowing he may die. Even without his Japanese sidekick, Hiro, he went into that school to save the cheerleader. Peter apparently has the balls in the family. Guess he got that from his dad seeing that he’s the only Petrelli we haven’t seen yet.

Simone is annoying and looks sicklier and sicklier every episode she’s in. Niki and her doppelganger are just crazy. I’m beginning to like evil Niki over good girl Niki.

I love Micah though. He’s the kid all parents want. Smart, Cute and able to fix electronics without going to Apex Technical Institute. The kid probably performed his own ultrasound.

Mohinder and his sister Shanti have some big shoes to fill. I wonder if we’ll get to see what’s so special about Shanti.

I heard the Ninth Doctor will be in Heroes starting in January. I’m not sure if he’s good or evil but I’m looking forward to it.

Speaking of ‘Doctor Who’, at first I wasn’t sure if I liked the dandy tenth doctor but I’m really liking him. I’m a deep smit now. However, what the heck is happening to Rose? Her face looks different. She dresses differently and she used a whole jar of Stila smudge pot on her eyes. Enough with the black eyeliner! You look like a raccoon!

The doctor is battling Satan while being sucked into a black hole. It should be interesting.

Is it just me of is the doctor just a little too skinny? I mean I understand manorexia is back but the doctor should not be two dimensional.

Some of the things I’d do if I were the Doctor’s companion or could tour the TARDIS:

-locate the bathroom and showers
-try every costume on twice
-use the pass card to get into exclusive eateries
-ask the doctor what his favorite reincarnation is
-ask to view the birth and death of a planet
-ask if they ever nap or get hungry