Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rippy had it right

Does anyone dress up anymore? I feel like I'm dressed up on the wrong
day. Kids are sparingly dressed up.

Work had me swamped and I missed the trick or treaters. Lrudlrick put
out his famous candy soup much to the children's delight.

When I got home he took me out for a drink which turned into a light
supper. It was exactly what I needed, a change from the monotony &
much desired quiet time with the hubby.

Today is Thursday and I'm beyond exhausted. We're scheduled for go
live on a module and the interface engineers are still building
filters. I haven't been able to sign off on testing b/c hiccups still

All in all I still am glad to be working with a good group on this

Tried calling my mother again. Her voice mail popped up again. I ask
her why she pays for VM if she doesn't listen to them. She shrugs and
smiles at me as if she's too naïve to understand. Sometimes I feel
she is.

I have 2 weeks before my MIL arrives. I'm at a point where if all I
had was bologna and cheese to serve her, wrinkled sheets to give her
and a ragged towel to dry herself off with, I could give a rat's ass.

It's not that I want to embarrass myself or insult her. I'm just too
tired to worry or fret. I can barely get myself to eat. I get home,
attempt to pry my shoes off and drag my sorry butt to the couch and
pass out feebly petting my dogs who are desperately looking for

Oh, did I forget to tell you my uncle is arriving the week before my
MIL? My mom made me swear up & down that I take care of picking him
up or dropping him off at the airport. I had already planned to take
him out to dinner for his birthday. Now without any details on pick
up dates or drop off dates, I need to coordinate my work schedule that
has me working 12+ hours a day.

I so need to sleep. How did Rip Van Winkle do it? Could I sleep for
years? I'd sure like to try.