Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who knew monkeys and bunnies would be so much fun.

Lrudlrick got his 360 and this weekend he got my Wii.

This is my Mii, sort of. I didn’t save it to my .jpegs to post here so I created a sketch of it at the Joystiq.

Lrudlrick made one too. You use your Mii as your character for the sports game.

My lower arms are killing me now. I’m just too embarrassed to tell my co-workers my lower arms are sore from playing video game baseball.

As soon as I played baseball I knew I had to show this to my brother. When we were kids, we used to play two players games all the time. Of course, I sucked but he was a good sport and played with me nonetheless.

Same goes here with the games for Wii. Many of them are short party games which are fun to play but I’m totally bombing. The only thing I’m good at is boxing and anything that involves throwing things long distance. Need someone to hit a ball with a bat? I’m your gal. Need someone to hurl a cow like a shot-put, give me a call. Need to pummel a monkey’s face in, help me lace up my gloves.

For the love of Pete, I can’t get the damn controls for driving the hover boats. I know in my mind, pull the wiimote down makes it turn right and pulling the nunchuk down makes it turn left. Still, I can’t seem to get my boat to move.

Lrudlrick is great at the dancing games. He’s also pretty good with the every other game I suck badly at.

When I finally had more than 5 bunnies on the dance floor dancing to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, he ran up to me and hugged me. I think the hug was less congratulatory and more, ‘Thank God I don’t have to hear that song again.’

When I play, I need to be extremely animated to get my electronic Mii to do what I want. Lrudlrick could be lying on the floor and his Mii could slap doors closed to prevent pooping bunnies from hitting him with a plunger. Because I’m so animated, Lrudlrick has learned to give me a 100 meter clearance when it’s my turn to play.

Lrudlrick has been nice about my playing style but I’m pretty sure the newlyweds that moved across the courtyard from us are wetting their pants watching me try to launch the Super Bunny over the broken railroad track.

If you haven’t checked out the Wii and how absolutely goofy you can look playing this check out this site.

I will say when you get a home run, you get pretty excited and you better use the strap to ensure you don’t chuck it at your TV.