Saturday, November 18, 2006

Money for the nothing

Ok, since November 8th, we’ve had a newspaper delivery problem. I’ve been receiving the NYTimes but the Daily News has been MIA since November 7th.

We’ve been receiving the deliveries for years and without a hiccup. Could someone be stealing my paper? Should I be putting a camera on my doorstep?

I called the News to speak to the local carrier to see what the deal was. They called me back and said they’d put a monitor on my delivery. Then they had the nerve to try to sell me an additional subscription. “We have a special right now. 52 weeks for 99 cents per issue.”

“You’re kidding right?” I said, “Nothing against you. I’m pretty sure your asked to promote your specials with every call but I haven’t received a paper in nearly 2 weeks and your asking me to give you more money without service and product?”

Customer Service at the News needs to review their policy on promoting specials.