Saturday, November 18, 2006

I still don't know what a Snoball is

My MIL arrived two and half hours late due to wind conditions. She was exhausted. We had dinner. Turns out she may be allergic to shrimp. Lrudlrick says she isn’t but I can’t be too sure. When I asked him what are some of her favorite meals that he can recall from his childhood, he said, “Snoballs.” “Sno-what?” “Snoballs. There these white pastry things you can buy at the store.” “You consider that a meal?”

She spent Friday morning at my house alone and walking around our neighborhood. She apparently wanted to find pictures of her ex-husband so she snooped in our drawers and closets. At least she admitted it and well, I expected it.

Then I took her to get a manicure and then we headed home to get dressed for the wedding. It was a nice reception and my MIL got a chance to catch up with her family she rarely sees.

I love Sandy but she’s a bit too much of a worry wart. She’s worried about a disposable camera she left at the reception. She’s worried about getting sick. She’s worried she’s going to be sucked up by a tornado.

Lrudlrick is exhausted. I can see it. We’re all exhausted, my brother, my husband and me. We all need a break. I feel like we’re on a conveyor belt and if we don’t keep moving, we’re going to fall.

I hope he gets to rest a little tomorrow after we drop his mom off at the train station.