Friday, August 28, 2009

The dishwasher

If you haven't checked out My Husband is Annoying, please do so. To be able to commiserate has been cathartic and sanity saving.

I know I've been a bit grumpy this past week. I mean, I know I'm being snippy but it is out of my control this week.

The dishwasher is like a hangnail in our relationship. It's a bit annoying but we live with it. Sometimes it gets irritating and sometimes, we just ignore it.

Here is the backstory. DH bought me a dishwasher when we first moved into our apartment. He bought it and said, "You cook the yummy meals and I'll clean up." Flash forward to today and I've pretty much run out of dishes. How is this possible?

It's a combination of things. 1) While I was pregnant, DH wanted to sell our place so before I got too big, I started packing my kitchen away. 70% of my kitchen is in storage which tells you how much you can really live without. 2) I knew that when a baby was around, all the dishes would be a hazard and/or pile up so I only left out enough settings for 8 people.

My MO is simple, I cook a meal and do the dishes afterwards. Usually, I pack the dishwasher as I'm cooking. This is simplified as I try to make big meals during the weekend and only reheat a meal during the week.

Unfortunately I will be the first to admit I am an awful dishwasher packer. Simply put, it's one place where I really don't have patience nor do I care, so long as the dishes are washed. Occasionally I try to be conscience and pack it so it's more energy efficient but for the most part, I have no time and my kitchen is small so I shove the dirty pot or pan in the dishwasher and move on.

DH detests this and has put an ultimatum down that I'm not allowed to pack the dishwasher. It is his duty. Now remember how he promised he'd do the dishes? Well, gosh darnit, I love him but his idea of doing the dishes is when every single piece of cutlery and/or dinnerware has been expended.

I, pantrygirl, cannot work under these conditions! However, as I was grumpy and grouchy and since this could lead to dishwashing being DH's, I relented.

So now, I'm sitting here trying to deal with the fact that the sink and one of the two kitchen counters I have is filled with dirty dishes. Oh and just in case you are wondering, the kitchen scales that DH has been using to measure and remeasure his food are sitting on the same counter so at least I have one semi-free one.

I love my husband but if he doesn't do any dishes soon, I'm fairly certain we'll be eating out of the cast iron skillet tomorrow and TG will be using a spatula to eat her meals.