Saturday, August 29, 2009


One of the things I try to remind my husband and my daughter is that we are a team. I throw it in here and there. We are a team and I want my family to remember that. As a team we have highs and lows but we support each other and try to work together.

I know it's early for TG but I figure it doesn't hurt for her to hear it every now and then.

As a team, I'd like to think that I could help with the dishes but I know that if I do 1) he'll only nag about the way I pack it (which sadly is atrocious) and 2) I'll go back to cooking and cleaning.

It was hard for me not to do them. In fact, DH packed the dishes this morning before he left but didn't start the washer. I pressed the start button but then quickly turned it off. Must stop the compulsion. He will do the dishes when he gets home.

So I rationalized the T-E-A-M concept and I washed TG's stuff. I know. I know. It's an illness. I'm also doing her laundry as we speak. What is wrong with me?