Thursday, August 27, 2009

"So, when I get scared I'll think of Him And close my eyes and smile!"

Today was another day filled with whys...

I suppose I'm in a strange funk this week. I mean, even being with my daughter didn't pull me out of it. DH annoyed me a little with his remarks but then later allowed me an extra long hug which I really needed.

Today I kept asking myself, "Why do I care so much if others don't?"

Don't get me wrong, I'm not painting myself as Mother Teresa.

I'm a pilot navigating my passengers through foreign terrian. If I see what is coming down the pike, I try to brace folks for the turbulence. Right now, no one seems to be taking my warnings seriously.

I'm the a parent that knows what will happen if my daughter pulls on the dog's tail but the daughter does not heed my warning and thus the dog barks and the daughter cries out of fright. By the way, when this did happen my daughter looked at the dog, looked at me and gave me this expression of 'what did i do to deserve that' before the silent jaw drop followed by piercing cry of a toddler.

You would think I'd probably ask, "Why bother?" At this point in my life it's more like, "Are you kidding me? Do you not know what you are setting yourself up for?"
I suppose, it's the mom in me. Scary how motherhood effects all parts of your life.

Unfortunately, I'm at this point where I can only be that 'fasten seat belt' sign and wait for the fall out. And that's where I dislike my situation. I feel complacent and to jab the knife deeper, it isn't my complacency that is ticking me off. Ok, maybe it is. I do have alternatives but I won't go there. That requires more than just my handheld can opener.

I know I just need to be strong and like a mom sit in the sidelines at points and be there to help dust them off later. It's hard to be at this juncture though.

I know I'll feel better praying on it.
On an off topic, am I the only one that smiles hearing Junior Asparagus sing?
He always makes me smile.

"God is Bigger" from Veggietale episode 'Where is God when I'm Scared?'