Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where were you?

Looking back on today, I can honestly answer the question, "Where were you when the first Black American president was inaugurated?" with "I was home dealing with a massive clogged ducts problem.

I spent the first morning with a hot diaper compress slapped on my right breast. Sexy.

Between compresses, I had my baby nurse to help alleviate the pain.

I'm sure this isn't the picture I had intended but I won't forget it.

Thanks go to all the ladies that offered their advice and sympathies for my plight.

So I'm sure most of you weren't dressed as attractively as I was with my hot newborn diaper slapped onto my boob, but take a moment and write where you were so you can look back on this with your kids later.

Ok, watching the inauguration I couldn't help smile at the nervousness of President Obama as he took his oath. It was very endearing and made him human.

I also grew respect watching First Lady Michelle Obama. Everytime I see her with her kids I grow in admiration. She takes pride in being a mother and if I recall an article in one of the many family magazines I've read she said that she is first and foremost a mother. She truly is a role model for many women who juggle wife, mother and self.