Monday, January 12, 2009

The Chronicles of Solid Food

BG is 6 months and 5 days old!
We're starting solids today.

On the menu today is avocado. Yum to mom, yuck to pop.

Yesterday, DH set up her high chair. After putting it together and realizing he put the legs on backwards, he uninstalled and reinstalled it. Kind of reminds me of the crib installation. It's very cute and although he wasn't laughing last night, he'll probably smile about it in the future.

We placed her in it while we ate dinner. Honestly, I think we may be better off keeping her in the swing and on breastmilk as this kid has discovered the entertainment that is throwing items on the floor and watching her parents pick them up.

Still, she looked like such a big girl sitting in her high chair sharing our family dining room table.

The guidebooks say to give mix 1 tablespoon of avocado with breastmilk to make it super liquidy. The goal is to learn taste and the feeling of the spoon. We shouldn't expect her to eat the whole tablespoon/ounce of food.

The docs would like us to try 1 tablespoon/ounce for 1 meal a day for a bit. I should breastfeed her first and then give her some of the solids. If she seems put off, don't force it and try again another day.

I've been apprehensive about this as I've grown fond of breastfeeding but all my fellow moms say that I have to remember that this doesn't take the place of breastmilk and that the majority of her calories will come from me for a while.

I'm glad I'm not the only mom who felt reluctant to start. Another fellow mom said the same thing to me last week which put me at ease. Another mom also told me to expect an increase in laundry as if laundry hasn't multipled since the birth of BG. I'm guessing I should up my stock in stain remover.

Ok, you just had your first taste of anything other than breastmilk, although to be honest, it was 1 part avocado and 5 parts breastmilk.

You weren't loving it but you weren't hating it.

Dad wanted to feed you the most so I gave you a few spoonfuls and let your Dad feed you the other 4-5 spoonfuls we managed to get near your mouth. I think your Dad was pretty anxious and wanted the opportunity to participate in the feeding aspect.

In the middle of the feeding, you started crying so we tried taking you out of your high chair and having you sit on my lap. That helped a little. We also tried feeding you breastmilk from the spoon to acclimate you to the spoon.

After 4-5 spoonfuls and an awful lot of crying we cleaned you up and gave you the breast. You seemed more than grateful and currently are sleeping in my lap.

The whole experience wore you out or as your Dad said, "It's pretty traumatic. Imagine someone decided to cram strange substances into your mouth?"

A few moms told me that frozen avocado in the cube containers should hold well and not brown too much. I mixed the avocado with the breastmilk and stored them in 1+ ounce containers. Hopefully the avocado will hold well.

We filmed your first taste and took plenty of pictures. I'm guessing we're going to have a lot of film and photos of your eating adventures.

Your Dad doesn't understand why we should continue with the same foods for 3-5 days and I explained the whole allergen testing and digestive enzymes acclimating. He said if he knew this he'd advocate for chocolate as the first food. I'm not sure of the logic but I'm guessing your Dad and you may be making a few trips to Dylan's Candy Bar when you are older.