Wednesday, August 26, 2015


You ever getting into an argument with someone and they turn it into a psychological analysis of your person?

I'm in a point where it seems everything I feel is turned on me and what I feel is expressed back at me as how I make a person feel. 

Isn't that infuriating? When what you are trying to express to another comes back as what you make them feel but more succinctly or more insistently. 

What do you say to that?
Are you pissed they said it before you did?
Are you pissed that they feel the way you do when you feel the same?

Do you decide to suppress the hurt and anger of having the tables turned and decide to wall off?

Do you say to yourself, is he doing this on purpose?
Is he aware his tactics which he accuses you of?

Do you wall off and say he is who he is and need to accept him for who he is?

Do you take the unsolicited solutions and advice and nod and wall away?

Do you scream, hey! I didn't want your advice. Blockhead, I want you to just shut up and nod and let me be who I am for ten minutes. 

Why do I have to suppress who I am because it causes agita in others but others can freely be who they are?

No regrets. How can I live a life of no regrets but suppress who I am next to the person I am supposed to be closest to?

There is always push and pull in a relationship but what do you do when you feel like that's not the case?

Yes I'm non-confrontational. And maybe that's the problem. When you are with someone confrontational you then become the subservient  and you either accept your role or you don't.