Thursday, November 03, 2011

Me and my breast pump

I started pumping. I hate the pumping relationship. Ok, it's not that I hate it. Pumping could be worse. It's the whole time and emotional aspect I hate about it. As humans we focus on quantitative properties. Pumping though should never be used to quantitate your milk output. Your child is the best at extracting milk. However, I am human and so each pumping session becomes this emotional high and low. Am I getting enough? Is my baby getting enough? Will I be able to pump enough?
Add the time it takes to pump which a new mom doesn't have time for and the knowledge that stress reduces your pumping output and top that with the week 2-3 hormonal fluctuations and post partum baby blues and I'm one mean sexy machine.
DD was eager to help feed DS. It was very cute and special to watch her help feed him. 
Here are some fun facts: My son needs to be burped. My daughter did not. My son is a big hiccuper and sneezes often.
On the post partum baby blue front, I think the emotional roller coaster I had at the cusp of delivery was more intense but then again I'm still in the early stages of the hormonal release.  So far so good though.  I'm continuing to try to up the Vitamin D and I also know that I am the best role model for my kids and with a preschooler in tow, I think I'm trying harder than ever to keep my spirits up and not let my hormones completely take over.