Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Bought DD a play violin. She freaking loves it. Anyone have a lead on a sturdy play violin? Think I'm going to need a more realistic violin for her. She won't let go of it. Should I sign her up for lessons next year?

In other news, I have told DH the next time MIL asks about the christening to tell her to give us a date range that works for her. She's been talking about the christening even during my second trimester of pregnancy. She's even called my mother to ask her if she knows when we plan on doing it.
Honestly, I'd do it this Sunday if I could. I'm not making a big deal of it. Yes, I want him to be welcomed into our church family but I don't want a big to do about it. Maybe I'm strange like that or maybe MIL's fixation has brought stress to this event and I'm not up for adding more stress in my life.

It's so ridiculous to me now how often she asks about the christening that it's beyond a drinking game. I'd be in rehab. 
So I told my husband the next time she brings it up, to tell her to give us dates that work for her because obviously this means more to her.

I'd have him baptized this Sunday but MIL would probably kill me if I don't wait until she's here.

Here's the funny thing, my husband was baptized later in life and only so he could attend a parochial school.  I'm not sure why she's fixated on this.  It's kind of sucked the joy out of the event for me.