Friday, November 04, 2011

Tag Team Nighttime Parenting

It's been a while but tonight I helped with the the bedtime routine for DD. With the virus, we had to keep DD and DS separate and so bedtime was defaulted to DH.
I missed doing bedtime with DD. It was nice to cuddle and read and talk about what we were thankful for.
We also nursed a bit before bed. 
Before we could even finish our prayers, she fell asleep.
It was nice and sweet.
Since her brother was born, she's waking up twice to three times a night. If she wakes up before 11 or midnight, I try to handle it.  I feel like I may be a bit tougher on this point.  If DH goes in, he's in for the rest of the night. Partly because he falls asleep and partly because I think he allows continued conversation with DD.  With me, I tell her that she needs to be quiet and go to sleep.  I'll rub her back for a little while or sing a few lullabies but we won't have a conversation.  DH will rub her feet and continue some conversation.  It works for him though.
The only qualms I have is I think it keeps her awake and he gets annoyed in the morning saying he wanted to do 'x' but couldn't.
So I am trying to do the early night (before 1am) to allow him some time to do what he wants to do.