Thursday, June 04, 2009

BG Threw up for the first time

and the second time and the third time.

Mind you, the first and third times were on me.

The second time it was on our carpet.

I had no idea this baby had so much breastmilk in her.

The first incident happened after she woke up from her sleep around 7:30pm. She had fallen asleep around 6:30, earlier than usual. She kept rubbing her eyes so we put her to bed early. She slept until 7:30pm when she woke up fussy.

As I was about to change her diaper, she let it rip all over my shirt, shorts and bed. We changed the sheets and changed her pjs and placed her on the floor as we cleared everything when she got sick again on our carpet. Mental note: put a sick baby on a changing pad.

Thankfully she didn't get her pjs dirty. DH, cleaned her face up and placed her in the crib and scrubbed the carpet while I washed up.

I came back to find my little girl with a hound dog look on her face and pinkish red eye lids. DH remarked she looked like she was in shock.

BG kept lifting her arms at me and so I picked her up and she wrapped her arms around me and started to hiccup, body shaking hiccups. She placed her head on my shoulder and I began rubbing her back gently as she continued to hiccup for 20 minutes.

As the hiccups subsided, she started to feel cool and clammy. She didn't have a fever but she felt warm before. Then without lifting her head up, she threw up all over my shoulder and onto our carpet again.

I brought her out towards the bathroom to clean her up when she threw up once more all over my shirt, shorts and the rug.

I placed her in the bathtub and cleaned her up and after 10 minutes in her bathtub, the color came back.

A change of bed linens, two baths and 4 pj changes later, we're up chuckling it away with dad.

We're guessing that since she didn't have a fever and she requested breastmilk 45 minutes ago, she's ok and she most likely was overheated as our apartment is rather warm today. We now have the air conditioning on and she seems much better.

I'm glad she looks and feels better but there goes my hopes of getting back to our usual 7pm bedtime routine.

Throughout our trip this week, BG has been going to bed at 8pm or later. Unfortunately due to the timing of the drive, we made it to the hotels around 8pm and had to wake up BG. Of course, she didn't go back to bed so easily after the rude awakenings.

Maybe we'll try again tomorrow. Her naps are slowly getting back to her usual time 11am and 1/2 pm.