Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Overnight, she's a moving machine

I swear in less than one week, BG has become mobile and is not pulling herself up to nearly standing.

My favorite part, although it's a toughie for me, is when she is sleeping, she'll roll over to her stomach, push up and pull herself up to sitting. She then opens her eyes with a look of, "How'd I get here?" and proceed to cry for me to put her back into sleeping position.

I say it's my favorite because she does this all in her sleep. Her eyes are closed and she silent. I noticed it the other day and nearly busted out laughing. I'm going to have to get the night vision camera out to film it.

Yesterday, she skipped a nap and was beside herself when it was time to settle in for her bedtime. She kept flipping, pulling and sitting but she added a flopping. She did this drunken master kind of teetering before flopping over and then repeating the whole thing. I think she probably hit all four directions with this move. She looked like a Cirque de Soleil tumbler.

With the new found mobility, comes the furniture moving. We've now pushed our bed to a wall, moved the couch to open up a new play area for her and moved as many extension cords and wires up high. She seems to love wires. I'm trying not to get sucked into the babyproof the entire house with gizmos and gadgets. One: It's too expensive and Two: I think I need to use my common sense a bit. Afterall, I survived a childhood without childproofing. Steel poles in concrete, steel plate swings and wooden seesaws were my playground.

She also loves the computer so she crawls to the laptop whenever she can.

Yesterday, my husband knew he was in for it when he swears he plopped her in front of his computer and blinked and she was heading towards our entertainment center. "It was like a time warp. Our daughter tired her dad out."

She's also running away from diaper changes. She becomes interested in her surrounds that she flips over and starts crawling away before I can even wipe her bottom. This has lead to alot of wrestling and making silly faces to keep her attention. I've also mastered the quick wipe and diaper slap.

We also cleaned our her closet again. Holy moly, she's a size 12-18 months already. She's 29" long and enjoys pulling her socks off. We keep her barefoot unless we're outside and only slap on shoes if we think she'll be walking around or standing up.

BG is also learning to put her spoon in her mouth. The majority of her food doesn't make it in but at least she manages to get the spoon in her mouth every now and then.

She also says, "Mmm" to signify she wants solids. I'll ask her, "Eat?" and give her the sign language for it and she smiles and says, "Mmm." if she is hungry.

She also slaps my breasts a happy slap every now and then. I think it's hysterical except when it's in public. She's been known to pull my blouse down when she's thirsty.

As for other remarkable things:

She claps her hands (Thanks to numerous renditions of 'If you're happy and you know it.')
If you put your hands up in front of her, she'll put them together to show you how to clap.
She recognizes her stuffed animal names and will pull them up to show you if you say their name.
She tries to say 'blue' but says 'boo'.
She rides her wheely bug and turbo turtle with zeal and body shaking excitement.
She says 'daddy' not just 'dada'.
She sits and quietly flips through her board books instead of just slamming them shut.
She practices her b words although she only can pronounce the 'b' sound. She points at her ball, my buttons, the color blue. I've noticed, she seems to be attracted to 'blue items'. She grabs her blue shapes and toys first.
She loves to put things in boxes and take them out.
She's slowly learning that not everything fits in containers. Somethings are too small or too big.
She loves music and bops to any music.
Music will steer her attention away immediately.
She doesn't cry when she falls over anymore. She just picks herself back up.
She can stand with assistance, sit on a pillow and pull herself back up by herself.
She waves if you say, "Hello" or if she thinks you are friendly. She even taught a playmate how to wave. Do I sense a future teacher?