Tuesday, October 12, 2004

We Even Did Menage-a-Trois

It's been a hectic few days.

So hectic, I haven't had a chance to contemplate the last few days of my 20's.

I'm sick of sleeping in the living room and I'm ready to return to gas cooking.

Work is more chaotic than ever.  My co-workers at my old department are suddenly developing blockages when it comes to my projects I've transitioned to
them so I'm spending my mornings reminding them of deadlines etc.  We have two new hires, one project manager who will taking over my interface projects
and one office assistant who I'm hoping can help me organize my predecessor's files in a way my OCD will tolerate.  A third hire, will be taking over my
Revenue projects.  He should be starting soon.  And I still haven't moved.

A few frustrations with lack of professionalism in the old office not to mention lackadaisical attitude left me and my co-worker in dire need of drinks
on Friday and we did just that.  Actually it was the first in many celebrations planned for October birthdays.  The next event involves
clubbing.  In all honesty, clubbing with my co-workers isn't appealing.

Tomorrow the bed people are supposed to show up and clean it.  Personally, I think it's cleaner from me cleaning but hubby made such a big
stink about keeping niceties nice he made me call them.  That was nearly four weeks ago.  Since then, he has wrestled and played with the dogs on
the naked mattress.  Excuse me, but I don't think dogs should be on our naked mattress.  It's one thing if they are on the bed with us when we have
sheets and blankets.  But I do what I must to make him happy.

Off to the news front:

You know that I'm a Yankee fan.  I love them and mean no disrespect but why did Mariano have an electrified fence by his pool?  To keep rottweilers
out?  What about a regular fence?  Or maybe a dog collar boundary doohickey?  May the faithfully departed rest in peace but Mariano, please
rethink your canine security measures.

Oh, and if you haven't seen jibjab's new song, "It's
Good to Be in DC
"  please check them out.  Anyone else feel for Clinton?