Thursday, October 07, 2004

if you want me to party, give me a raise.

ok.  today i have a rant.

think me insensitive but do i really need to donate for a fruit basket each time a co-worker's family member dies?

is it not bad enough that you people have parties every two weeks?

is it not bad enough that celebratory parties for project completions come out of our pockets?  "let's celebrate the completion of a job well done! -
director"  am i the only one that assumes that means the company is taking us out for drinks?  i don't expect to be bombarded with a $75/head cover

and really, i see you people more than i see my family.  there is no need to go dancing with you guys.

now, if a parent/immediate family member dies, a condolence card may be called for.  heck, a potted plant for the funeral is fine (except for
jewish families, of course).  but an uncle?  a grandparent?  where was my fruit basket when my grandmother died?  and that woman raised

b/w parties, cakes, condolences, dinners, luncheons, children's school benefits etc, i should just direct deposit my check to the office.