Sunday, August 08, 2004

Cheap earrings and the need to get back to my routine

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed and in need of hiding of late.

Honestly, my schedule has been tight.

With family having babies, surgical procedures, get togethers and work taking me out of state and the prospects of a new career path in my scope, I understand why my mind wants to go on sabbatical.

Oh let's not forget the creeping blob of a germ that invaded my ears from cheap earrings and is making it's way to my nose. Sorry, but I'm never ever going to buy earrings again that don't denote: gold or silver (and not sterling, either). Damn you Ann Taylor and your cheap earrings!

With my annuals coming up as well as my 30th birthday rounding the corner, I've been taking stock of my last year; and I'm not happy about what I've neglected. I stopped meditating. Yes, I go to church now but mediating isn't just about spirituality. I've stopped consciously reviewing my oral intakes. I used to be diligent with the amount of food and alcohol I consumed. Now, I find myself having more than what I deem acceptable. It's far less than addiction but still high by my standards.

That's my self destructive path. By neglecting my physical and mental health, I've put myself in the dumps. Now, I'm not saying I'm sitting on my ass eating cheetos and getting butt cramps. Right now, I'm leaning towards my yang and I'm feeling it.