Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Sometimes all you need is a clean slate.

My mom called me.

She's worried my immune system is surpressed due to all the running around
for work and what not.

Then she noted that she doesn't want to leave the house anymore. She just
doesn't have the energy anymore. I gather it's the meds they have her on but
it's still disconcerting. I think she's gotten really down and lethargic after
the accident.

Anywho, I promised her that I'd come over with dinner at the end of the
month. I guess dinner and a movie. I'd love to buy my mom a condo and move her
out of the house and sell everything in it. I think it weighs her down. Too much
history and too much junk.

If I ever win the lottery, I'd buy her a house, furnish it and buy her a
whole new wardrobe. I'd tell her she's only allowed to bring what she can fit in
one box and that's it. She can't bring the piano that no one plays anymore. She
can't bring the china she refuses to use. She can't bring her closet of clothes
circa 1980's.

I've started meditating again. Ten minutes a day. Baby steps. Today I only
did a 5-er but plan to do a ten when I get home.

My blobby rash is subsiding too. It's still there but not as severe. My face
has blown up though from the cortisone. I look like Renee Zellwegger.

I also placed my resume in the running for the new position in the Dean's
office. Will see. I think it's time for change. Don't know if it's go back to
school change or something else. Something in me is brewing and I still can't
figure out what it is.