Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The RNC is in town and I'm feeling awfully ill. Coincedence?

I've been feeling nauseous since I woke up.

I thought a bowl of cereal would help but alas I used the last of the milk for the parfait my hubby kept clamoring for last night. So I waited it out. Of course the living room felt like a sauna again. I stayed in the bedroom until the last moment. You know you have a situation in your home when you come out of a shower with just a towel on and begin to sweat immediately upon exit of the bathroom.

On the bus, I was dizzy.

Walking towards my office, I decided to pick up something light at the cafe. Bad move. When I walked in, the smell of coffee, bagels, muffins, donuts and other heavy foods sent my stomach turning. I ran out as quickly as I could.

Now everyone in the office thinks I'm pregnant.

I just sucked on a cracker but I'm still feeling light headed. Plus there is a jack hammer tearing up the street below me. I just want to crawl into my pjs and put the covers over my head.

Btw, I've decided that the RNC is reeking havoc in the animal community.

Check out the following headlines I found:

Catfish eats dog

Groundhog attacks dog

Sure, these stories happened outside of the US but I still think the RNC
being held in NYC is causing a ripple effect of some sort. And we all know how
animals are more aware of natural occurences.

Oh and it's that time of the year again,
Moose make it back in the news with their crazy antics.


In the obsession arena:
Came home Monday and hubby requested more parfait. If it wasn't our anniversary (2nd proposal/steady), I would have said no. Ok, who am I kidding.

Total count for the day: 4

Total count for obsession: 12