Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Do Pearls go with a Motorcycle Jacket?

My husband has started his ‘Sakes Alive, I’m getting older!’ early. His fixation this year is not on a car. His fixation this year is getting a motorcycle. I mentioned our tiff before but now he’s expecting me to ask my colleague what she thinks of a brand and model.

I’m not going to be a part of his silly nannies. I may not stop him but I’m not advocating it either. Obviously he doesn’t care, even when I told his cousin, “He’s not buying one this year. We can’t afford it.”

If he wants to buy it, he’s not using my money for it. I’ve got enough problems on my hands with party season in full swing. I don’t need my husband’s “I’m old!” crap to start earlier and earlier as he gets older and older.

For awhile I used to think that Lrudlrick was a reserved man who kept everything to himself except for me. Now, I feel like he’s always kept things to himself and will continue to. Things only come out after he’s brewed over it and by that time, no one can stop the man.

I’m not asking him to be like me, the indecisive, pro-con list nut. I just want to be part of the discussion before the beans have been ground and placed in the percolator.

The more we stay together, the more I realize our compatibility is built on complements but our hardships will also stem from our opposing views/attitudes. I’d be so easy for me to just say, you do your thing and I’ll do mine. It would be harder for me to act but I think I could do it but is that what it’s all about?

I don’t want to be skipping down a lane together but I don’t think separate paths that seldom meet is good either. It’s a balancing thing again. Intermittent is ok. Junctures like the NJ Turnpike exits not ok.

Am I repressing my thoughts on the motorcycle? Am I really too chicken shit to put my foot down and say no? Why should I deprive a person of something he will grow out of? If he gets hurt, would I feel guilty? Is someone steals it, will I smirk inside? Is the guilt of not allowing another move closer to his job a factor?

Personally, we can’t afford it especially if kids are in play (which it probably isn’t).

Maybe he’s pie in the sky and I’m Mrs. Monotony. Arthur Fonzarelli married June Cleaver.