Wednesday, May 13, 2015

No reply

I said I love you today. He didn't respond.

Is he out of love for me?

He did kiss me yesterday when I returned home.
He even sat next to me on the couch. I watched a show while he surfed and researched school stuff. It was still nice.

Even nicer was having supper together. I put the kids at the art table for supper and told them not to interrupt us and they didn't.

We started dinner without going to the computer right away. We chatted a little and then we did go to the computer but small steps.

He went to bed and let me lay next to him until DD woke up from a nightmare and I spent the rest of the night calming her down and settling her in.

He didn't kiss me goodbye this morning and he didn't reply to my I love you text today.

I washed the dishes last night and this morning I made breakfast, cleaned up the refrigerator. I packed DD lunch and took both the kids to the bus stop.

I plan to fold the clean laundry and tidy up some more.
Not sure if tidying up the house and doing household stuff helps the situation but so far it hasn't hurt. When I get home from work, I will continue to tidy and clear up, try to spend some time with him, if he allows it and then after everyone's asleep work on other things. We do what God has given us. We are capable.