Thursday, May 14, 2015

Feeling tired and my heart hurts a little.

Maybe it's that he wants me to focus on him again. Before kids he was my focus. After kids not so much. 

If I spend more time doting on him maybe things will be better. 

Spent last night on the couch with him again. He actually reached out to me and stroked my leg. 
He wound up falling asleep on my lap as I massaged his head. 

Had to go to DS around 2am when he woke up. 

All night and morning I've had a agita feeling in my heart. Think it's stress from school related things. Think I need to focus on myself again but for the sake of my marriage I will push on. This too shall pass. 

About to go wash dishes and make breakfast and lunch and prep for repairman before heading to work.