Sunday, May 24, 2015


I was looking for someone opposite me. To have the traits I so wished I had. To be self confident. To be self assured. To be less anxiety prone. 

What I need is someone who will complement me. Someone who will be my earth when I'm the air or water. Someone who will be my wind when my fire burns with passion yet be my water to quench my thirst when my fire burns too wildly. 

I need someone who can be my pillar. 

I need someone who realizes two pillars United and strong hold the foundation for the generation before us. We have a duty and with pride I take my calling. 

With prayer I take my other calling. 
God made me as I am to do his will. 
God placed me here to help others come closer to him. 
God placed me here to help me come closer to him. 

I need to be mindful. I need to be accepting. I need to know there is a plan and there is a reason and it is not for naught.