Thursday, August 08, 2013

Loss, Life, Love

Today I lost a person that wasn't close to me but was a part of my life.
He was a colleague and although we weren't besties, we spent a good portion of our worklife working together.
His work and life touched so many folks.
He brought forth life and yet his life was taken from us at such a young age.
I know God has his reasons and I dare not guess what they may be.
I pray for his family and his young children.
I pray for his parents.
I pray for his brother.
I pray for all those that he touched.

I recently told my child, "Whether you know it or not, you will learn something from every person you meet." She glossed over this like most children, knowing yet not knowing. Mom's trying to school me again was the attitude. One day I hope she understands.

We are all connected in some shape or form. God placed us here and all we can do is use the talents he has blessed us with to help one another.

The world is a wonderful place but a also a cruel place. Folks need stop hurting each other. The pain this world has right now feels so high. The anger simmering. There needs to be understanding.
There needs to be compassion.
Our children learn from us. We must model what we hope our children will carry on.

"Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you."