Sunday, June 30, 2013

Let's talk about...


When someone asks you to help with scheduling an appointment and making sure the appointment is kept but it takes 6 months for that appointment to be scheduled and it's only scheduled because the requester schedules it herself and then the appointment is a disaster leading to the requester having to be told by the executioner to call and schedule another appointment only to be told by the doctor not to schedule the appointment until she says it's ok and then having to schedule the appointment later as advised by the provider and then being the person who takes the person to the appointment, you begin to question the whole, "you don't respect me bit."

Because if I just made the damn appointment and took the kid to the appointment, I wouldn't be dealing with this.

And maybe it's not intentional but this is how it starts.
Now I know that next year, just do it yourself.
That's what happened with other appointments.
That's what happened with afterschool events.

Just do it yourself.

It may not be an intentional, F you, you do it, but may as well be.

So sorry if you think asking you to pick up shit that's next to me is a disrespectful act.

I hate the damn word respect.
I hate the concept of respect because too many people feel entitled to it.

I don't think it's about respect.
I think it's about consideration.

And I'm not saying I do everything.
I'm not saying that I want to do everything.
I'm not flaunting achievements, accomplishments or whatever you want to call it.

I'm just being a parent and doing what I need to do for my family.
So if that means sucking it up and coming home and making dinner and getting bedtime done and cleaning the house at midnight and prepping lunches at 1am and cleaning up the kitchen and doing dishes at 3, I do it. Even it is chagrin's inhabitants because who the hell is going to do it and when?
I don't ask for flowers.
I don't want accolades.

If you want to talk respect, respect that I suck it up and just effin' do it every day without being asked, without being reminded, without fan fare.

I'm a effin' mother and that's what I do and DO NOT MAKE ME FEEL BAD FOR DOING WHAT I NEED TO DO FOR MY FAMILY.