Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Being a parent has a degree of guilt. The trick is to realize when the guilt is sane or insane.
Some folks cannot manage this.
Unfortunately these same folks will displace this guilt on their kids.
I know I'm a new mom. I know that there is more for me to learn. I also know parenting is different for everyone and one size does not fit all.
However guilt is universal. Folks need to be able to manage it better.
My family is being affected by a person's guilt and regret. This miffs me.
I've never been a one to live in regret. I believe things happen for a reason.
Sure it sometimes is cool to think 'what if' but for the most part, I'm happy for the here and now.
So when people try to drag my family down in their 'what if's' and regrets, it pisses me off.
Leave my family alone.
Don't suck us into your inner turmoil vortex.