Monday, April 02, 2012

I need an eyePhone

It's been awhile again and I'll explain it more later this week.
For now, I want to talk about fun stuff.
DD is at a point where she knows that her brother is fascinated with her.
She also knows that although he can't really play with her like she wants she knows that she has an ability to calm him down and entertain him.
Take this morning, I was trying to fit in a pump before work and he started to stir from his am quiet time (he likes looking out the window when he wakes up). DD lay in bed with him and kept him company and talked to him. He loved it.
It's really fascinating to see them interact.
I wish I had more time to interact with him as much as I did with DD when she was so young. I know that's the wish probably of most moms with more than one child.
It's a shame too. With number one, you are so bogged down in the first time experience that the second time around, you look forward to savoring it all. However, you can't stop to absorb it because you are juggling children of different ages, needs and desires.
Still, we all try hard to enjoy the time and not sweat the small stuff. I just wish they'd invent a implantable camera already. I'm missing out on some great photos and videos.