Thursday, March 01, 2012

Big Wheels Keep on Turning

If I were given more time during the day, I still wouldn't be able to do what I want to get done in the day. It wouldn't be possible because I'd just add to my list of todos. That's the hard reality and I know this and so every day I do everything little by little.
I remind myself, think of what matters not what needs to get done. This gives me solace. It's more important to spend time with my kids and help them learn than to do an extra load of wash.
DH asks constantly, "How did so and so do it?"
Honestly, I don't think there is a set formula. You have to run with the punches. He's still in awe with so and so who had 5 kids all 18 mths apart.
I'm fairly certain that we are at a point with our youngest that the mere thought of adding another to our brood would kill my husband. He's exhausted. He's tired. He's in the thick of it.
It's funny to see it on this end. I'm tired. I'm exhausted but on another level. For me, I survived labor, delivery and the first 3 months post partum. Knowing I survived that level of exhaustion gives me that extra boost to keep going.
Oh and there's the offspring too. Having to care for young'uns keeps you living on fumes.