Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When you are sleep deprived, annoyances happen

As parents you shush a lot. For us we don't necessarily shush our kids but each other.
Most of the time it's in mocking seriousness like when it's 11:30pm and you accidentally drop something or bang into something. Your partner who has just spent 30 minutes aiding one of your children to slumberland will shush you.
It's not a vile or malevolent shush.
It's a for-the-love-of-all-things-holy-do-not-wake-the-child.
For me it's usually, for-the-love-of-all-things-holy-do-not-wake-the-child-I-just-want-to-pee/eat/shower-before-someone-wakes-up-again.
I know when things are a little too much though when that shush ellicits this reaction: "What?! I opened the door and it dropped. I didn't do anything."
I'm having one of those moments.
When this happens, it's like the freaking Princess and the Pea. It's best for to shut up and forget any chance of adult conversation for the night. Hope everyone gets to sleep and start fresh the next day.
Of course though, that's the best course. What is my normal reaction? Take the other road. 
"I wasn't trying to be mean or angry." What I should have said was nothing. What I meant to say was, "My statement was merely a light hearted attempt at levity after a long day of parenting."
"Well then why did you shush me?"
Again, I should have said nothing. What I wound up saying was, "Because I don't want to risk waking up DS as I need to tend to DD's needs now."
"Well, really, maybe I should have just shut up and taken care of DD."
"That wasn't the point."
It's a losing battle. 
I need to train my brain to just shut up when it's a clear case of The Long Day.