Tuesday, February 07, 2012

When the whippoorwill, Whippoors in the wind, The wind can whippoor back, O nice and chubby baby!

I look at my son and reach my finger out to him to grasp.  His tiny chubby fingers and hand surround my finger and with that touch, I feel so much love and pride. His smile just sends me over the edge.
Seeing how he's growing, how his thighs have cute baby fat rolls, his feet are just chubby cuteness and his cheeks are plump and rosy, I swell with pride knowing my breastmilk has contributed to his growth.
Now I'm not going to go all breast is best now. I think everyone knows I'm pro mommy's milk whenever possible. 
I just can't believe this little human being is growing and thriving in some small part because of me. I know I said this before with my daughter but it's still ever amazing.