Friday, February 03, 2012

Pump Parts, Oh how I abhor you

Now that I'm back in the office I've added another component to the ever growing pile of dishes we constantly have. (I'm fairly certain that cups and bowls hid just to appear once the sink is empty.) Not only do I have the thrilling honor to pump my breasts, I also have to contend with the darn pump parts and cleaning them.
I recall with #1, I begged my husband to wash the parts. The sight of them drove me nuts. Now we both do them whenever we see them. Sure I do them most of the time (male refrigerator blindess has a cousin, male kitchen sink blindness), but he tries to wash them too.
The problem though is with pumping comes the bottles of stashed liquid gold that need to be washed too.
This time around I've been stashing the milk not in milk bags but milk bottles. I figured DH can grab a bottle of milk, a nursing bottle and do his thing with the kids and when DS needs milk, pour the milk into the nurser and feed him.
I label each one with a removable sticker so he knows the expiration date of the milk. I only ask that he remove the sticker prior to washing to avoid that tackiness that happens once the adhesive gets wet.
Does he do that? No.
And then I lose my schmidt because I spend the precious time when the kids are asleep, not only prepping meals for the next day but also rubbing olive oil on the caps to remove the adhesive.
What does he say to my rant? "Why can't you just appreciate that I washed the parts."
This made me thing, am I going to be a thrill killer to my kids?
Should I appreciate more?
My mom was a bit a thrill killer but because that's what Chinese moms do. You got an A? You could have gotten an A+ if you did this.  It's all meant well.
Good grief, will I be like that?